Leica m9. OMG its soo crisp! The low distortion bokeh has me drooling. Okay, okay, let me tell you about it. The first picture was shot with a 50mm f/1.0 and the second photo was shot with a 75mm f/1.4. The third photo was taken with a 35mm f/1.4.  I like the physical feel of the m9, especially its weight. Unlike some cameras which feels toy like, light weighted or cheap, the Leica M9 feels sturdy and real. The simplicity of the camera is another thing that I admire. Manual everything! No fuss with multiple buttons or focus points. Just focus and shoot. Oh and let me remind everyone that it has full frame sensor. Another thing I look for is skin tone. Skin tone right off the m9 is pretty much on point. The only thing I didn’t really like is the back LCD. It was a bit difficult to see the clarity of the pictures. I almost thought the pictures weren’t that good until I uploaded the photos onto my imac. Since the upload, I can’t get enough of the images produced by the Leica M9. The photos feels magical. The only other time I’ve taken a picture and have it feel that way was probably with the canon 85mm f/1.2. My 50mm f/1.2 comes close too but not quite. Special thanks to Jill, my coworker/friend and Oscar for participating as my shooting subject in this short experience with the leica m9. Last but not/never least, a big giant special thank you to the super smart, cool, generous person that allowed me play with his camera stuff…Dr. Roccaforte. ;p

  1. raygallardo said: wow!!! sweet shots! I need a camera like this to take around in my bag.
  2. deshaunicus said: 50mm f/1.0!? ahhhhhh
  3. laviebelem said: Oh man I’m jealous! I’d love to have my Leica to play with
  4. tinktastichana said: you’ve got a great community!!! yeah, high 5 to Dr.R!! woot woot!
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